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June 3, 2014

THE NARRATIVE Continues The Story
Premieres New Single "CHASING A FEELING" on American Songwriter
New EP Out Fall 2014

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New York, NY – "There is a lot to be said for not acting impulsively, but sometimes you just need to go and set something in motion to better understand what you really want out of your own life," says SUZIE ZELDIN of NYC-based indie band THE NARRATIVE about their new single "CHASING A FEELING." "Waiting for the right moment or the perfect set of circumstances is a great way for time to just pass you by. 'Chasing a Feeling' is basically about life moving forward and how, if you're not moving with it, then it's getting away from you." Premiering today on AMERICAN SONGWRITER at http://goo.gl/7jLPvq, the song is from their forthcoming EP release due out Fall 2014. The video will premiere soon.

The follow-up to their 2012 compilation B-Sides and Seasides which collected unreleased and rare tracks from their catalog, "Chasing A Feeling" is a sunny slice of synthpop goodness that builds on the finely-tuned male/female harmonies of Suzie and bandmate JESSE GABRIEL. The eponymously-named EP, which is shrouded in a heavy veil of mystery, is being touted as a departure from the sound that brought attention to their self-titled debut from Alternative Press, Substream Music, and countless other publications. While not a huge leap, the more complex and challenging pop arrangements are certain evidence of the change. Dare it be called "mature"? "We do feel like 'Chasing a Feeling' and the other songs we recorded are more mature than our previous releases," Suzie explains. "We feel much more confident in the kind of music we want to make. We know it sounds like the old cliché of every new record being ‘the best record we've ever made', but we really feel like this is our strongest material so far and that it will be hard for us to top. This might be the first time we've listened to our own music and been sure that what we've done really needs to be heard."

After the release of B-Sides and Seasides, they retreated to a converted barn tucked away in upstate New York, finding the sound that would propel them into the next part of their own "narrative." Suzie and Jesse created a body of work that they are incredibly proud of which inevitably had become overwhelming. In lieu of running aground, they took some time to explore other paths before reuniting for a sort of homecoming. Jesse pursued the autonomous nature of a solo record while Suzie dove headfirst into Americana and folk by joining TWIN FORKS, the new outfit assembled by Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional, Further Seems Forever).

If their own indulgences apart were any indication, the freshness and vigor heard in "Chasing A Feeling" suggests a brand new start for the duo. "These songs are without a doubt the direct result of changes in our personal lives, our lives as musicians, our relationship with each other as bandmates and friends, and the way we place ourselves in the world we are living in," explains Jesse. "As far as whether or not the changes in our personal lives have helped us get to this point, it would be hard to argue that they haven't. As songwriters, we've always written about things from pretty personal perspectives, even if they're not necessarily about us." Their new direction hints at orchestral instruments mixing fluidly with synthesizers, laying deep, textured foundations among piano, guitar, bass, and drums.

Not looking too far ahead nor too far behind, The Narrative are focused on the "now." "We hope we can continue to make honest music that is relevant to our fans' life experiences as they grow and change, and that meets our highest expectations," Suzie adds. "We're always challenging ourselves and feel excited to build upon what we've accomplished so far. As a band that has been pretty DIY the entire time we've been making music, we feel so lucky that people continue to find us and identify with us just based on our music alone. We hope that streak continues even as we make an effort to expand to wider audiences."

"Chasing A Feeling" premieres today on American Songwriter here: http://goo.gl/7jLPvq. Their EP of the same name will be released later this Fall 2014.

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